The Uses of Sodium Bicarbonate

Food Industry
In the food industry, sodium bicarbonate is commonly used as a starter. Sodium bicarbonate reacts with a small amount of acid, such as vinegar or buttermilk, because it forms bubbles that will make the dough in the dough soft and bright. The mixture of sodium bicarbonate and acid can be used as a rising agent as a yeast substitute. Another use of sodium bicarbonate is to produce effervescent salt and beverages.

Textile Industry
One of the most prominent uses of sodium bicarbonate is the treatment of wool and silk fabrics. In the textile industry, sodium bicarbonate is used in the dyeing and leather industries. Sodium bicarbonate is widely used in the textile industry for dyeing and printing operations. The leather industry also uses sodium bicarbonate as a neutralizing agent in the tanning process.

Pharmaceutical Industry
When sodium bicarbonate is mixed with water, it will produce a basic solution that can be used to neutralize excess stomach acid, as an antacid for the person who suffers from heartburn and decreasing acidity of urine to treat kidney disorder. It is also used to treat scalding and remove splinter from skin.

Disinfectants and Cleaning Industry

Sodium bicarbonate is used in cosmetics to control the balance of acid-base (pH adjuster). Small amount of sodium bicarbonate can be added to shampoo to create shiny hair and removes product residues. Sodium bicarbonate also can be used in facial wash to remove pore and prevent acne. In disinfectants, sodium bicarbonate can be used to exterminate roaches and ant in households.

Detergent Industry

Sodium carbonate is an alkali substance and soluble in water. Sodium carbonate is used to control the pH in detergent when some acidic compounds enter the wash water. It can be used as sodium carbonate substitutes, to create milder detergent product.

Other applications

Another uses of sodium bicarbonate is in textile and leather industry. In textile industry, sodium bicarbonate is used for printing and dyeing as well as in leather industry. Sodium bicarbonate is added to livestock food as nutrition and buffering agent for rumen in dairy cow. It is also used for wastewater treatment because it is an effective anti-pollutant agent. In addition, it also used as one of the main ingredient for fire extinguishers.